Many technologies that were popular a few years back, have started to disappear today. This is only because of the continuous change and innovation in technology. Due to the technological advancements, most of the electromechanical relays are being replaced by numerical relays. …

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Transformers are one of the most important components of an electrical power system and protecting them is an essential requirement.

The protection schemes used for a transformer depend upon the rating and application of the transformer. For example, a power transformer having a higher voltage and power rating than a…

In the vast system of electrical energy transmission there are many devices and components that are used to ensure safety of human life and devices, reliability, and efficient transmission of electricity. On the contrary, we see many losses and factors that decrease the efficiency of the system for which we…

Electricity with a bad quality is dangerous and uneconomical at both utility and consumer end. There is a big need to focus on the quality of power being supplied to the loads. …

We are excited to share with you the launch of PSE Vlog series. In this blog we will be going over all the things that we covered in our brand-new series. …

On May 5, we will be releasing our new Power Systems Engineering VLOG series. In this series, our Engineering Manager, Abdur Rehman, will be explaining different concepts dealt with in power system studies. He will be sharing his expertise and perspective, honed by years of experience within the field to help you understand and truly grasp the different aspects within power system studies.

About The Author

Abdur Rehman is a professional electrical engineer with more than eight years of experience working with equipment from 208V to 115kV in both the Utility and Industrial & Commercial space. He has a particular focus on Power Systems Protection & Engineering Studies.

Abdur Rehman is the CEO and co-founder of and creator of GeneralPAC by AllumiaX. He has been actively involved in various roles in the IEEE Seattle Section, IEEE PES Seattle, IEEE Region 6, and IEEE MGA.

Motors are the fundamental loads in an electrical power system, both at commercial and industrial level. Some applications of motors include fans, vehicles, power tools, turbines, blowers, ships and compressors. Along with the ease, there are issues that are needed to be addressed to ensure the reliable operation of a…

Check our resources page where you will learn how to prepare an Arc Flash Analysis data collection using our spreadsheet. Use our electrical calculators to help you get the right values. You will also find electrical blogs with different categories and FAQs related to short circuit and arc flash studies.

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electric substations, how do they work?

The challenges associated with construction, operation, and maintenance of the power grid are often complicated. …

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