Basic Electrical Tools | Things You Should Know Before Buying

Electrical Pliers

  • The grips of pliers should be insulated.
  • They should have the ability to cut wires neatly with ease.
  • They should have grips of good quality material to ensure better handling.
  • The jaws of pliers should have the capability of handling pressure and shape, minimizing slipping with an increased inefficiency.

Electric Tape Measure

  • If you find difficulty in reading the linear measurement lines, you can always choose a digital measurement display. An analog measurement tape would be recommended for beginners though.
  • The tape should be made with a rugged high-quality plastic for better rigidity and durability.
  • Avoid purchasing one with a magnetic tip as it tends to break easily.
  • A coat of Mylar polyester film or any good material is recommended for durability.

Electric Screwdriver

  • A medium-sized screwdriver in your kit will suit most of the projects in general.
  • Ensure insulated handles for better safety.
  • If you require to work with tiny screws daily, we suggest you use a smart powered Screwdriver as it will save the most valuable time.
  • Make sure Screwdriver toggle between forward and reverse with ease.
  • For a powered Screwdriver, we suggest lithium-ion battery, so you do not have to face downtime while working.
  • Make sure it is durable and light-weighted.

Flash light

  • You should first figure out your requirements for the brightness of an LED, if you are having a hard time to figure it out then you always have the option of light with modes of 5 different type that is switchable. This is important for long term usage.
  • Some torches get hot after continuous usage and due to any once personal requirement, their work could extend from 3 to 5+ hours thus it is important to check if the torch can handle the extended working hours.
  • Depending on one’s work, you can consider an IP rating to use touches in critical weather situations.
  • You can also check its life span of intense brightness in one charge.
  • You should prefer USB charging cable in flashlights as its easily available and replaceable.
  • The flashlight should be light weighted and durable for a long time daily usage like aluminum alloy.

Voltage Tester

By Dmitry G — Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link
  • A Tester must detect voltage accurately in cables, cords, etc.
  • A simple pocket clip is convenient for storage and quick access.
  • The batteries used in digital tester should be re-chargeable or easily available.
  • You should always check the maximum voltage it can measure before buying it.
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  • Wire Crimping Tool
By Shatton8111 — Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link
  • The connection made through wire crimper should be able to tolerate 90 degrees of bend in any direction without damaging the insulation or crimping.
  • Pull test can be done by hanging weight to the crimped wire to check whether the connection can afford pull effects or not.


Soldering Iron

  • The wattage of soldering iron must be checked according to the type of circuit in which it will be used.
  • The soldering iron should not take a lot of time to heat up.
  • Desoldering pump should be able to remove soldering quickly and easily.
  • Holder must withstand the weight of soldering iron.

Electric Drill

  • There should be a wide range of speeds for drill.
  • Texture and contour of the drill should be such that it is easy to grip.
  • The drill should be of enough rating to work comfortably with voltage s of the working area.

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