Electric Substations — How do they work?

electric substations, how do they work?

Types of Substation

On the Basis of Operation:

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  1. Pole Mounted Substations (PMS)–are erected for mounting power distribution transformer in the localities. The pole mounted substation shall be located in non- hazardous overhead obstructions free environment.
  2. Foundation Mounted Substation / Surface Mounted Substation –mount the transformers on ground surface having capacity of 33,000 volts or above.

Comparison Table of Indoor and Outdoor Substation:

Indoor vs Outdoor Substations

Layout of a Substation:

Components of a Substation


  • How to select type of transformer?
  • What should be the size of transformer?
  • Why should you choose a transformer with minimum no load losses?


  • Monitoring equipment
  • Protection Devices

Calculation for Feeder Size and Overcurrent Protection

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