Importance of Motor Starting Studies in Power System

Starter Motor Problems

High Inrush Current

  1. Every equipment has a certain value of current that they can withstand. In case of inrush current, the value of current is so high that it may cause overheating and damage the equipment.
  2. Similarly, insulations present in a system also have a certain withstand value after which the insulation will fail, leading to more complications.

Low Power Factor

  1. An extended exposure to such condition would also harm the other equipment present in the system. Also, the power loss can cause over heating of the equipment, resulting in equipment damage.
  2. Low power factor indicates high current flow to accommodate the decreased power transmission.
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Importance of Motor Starting Studies

  • Performing motor starting studies can help us in designing a protection scheme for our system
  • Motor starting studies help us to predict the uncertainties that may arise in the system When a motor starts.

How to Perform Motor Starting Studies?

Techniques To Mitigate Starter Motor Problems

  1. Auto Transformer
  2. Soft Starters
  3. Star Delta Starters
  4. Direct On-Line Starters

Comparison of Different Mitigation Techniques

Outcomes of Motor Starting Studies

  1. We can find out the points of voltage dip and minimize their effect on our system loads and motor.
  2. Areas of nuisance tripping can be highlighted, and precautionary measures can be taken.
  3. We can also find out the effects of changes in motor load on the system and rectify it.
  4. These studies help us in increasing the reliability of our system.
  5. It also helps us in decreasing the value of inrush current through different protection schemes.
  6. We can significantly reduce motor stalling through these studies.

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