Importance of Power Quality in Power Systems

Causes of Poor Power Quality

  1. Uncertain Events
  2. Utility
  3. Consumer
  4. Manufacturer

Common Power Quality Issues and Parameters


Voltage Variations

Unbalanced Voltages


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Power Factor

Varying Frequency

Effects of Poor Power Quality on Power System

  • Harmonics add up to the waveform and equipment may receive high peak of waveforms thereby damaging the equipment. High voltages may also cause the equipment to operate in saturation region producing additional disturbances.
  • Due to overheating, noise etc. lifetime of an equipment is reduced.
  • System’s efficiency or performance is highly decreased due to poor power quality.
  • Due to power failure or interruption, important data can be lost or corrupted which may lead to a great loss.
  • Costs of a power system are highly increased if there is poor power quality.
  • When there is a power failure, consumers can face many problems due to unavailability of power and it affects the utility costs as well.
  • Consumer loads are badly affected or even get damaged due to power quality issues.
  • Sometimes there is need to oversize the power system due to additional stress imposed by poor power quality. This expansion results in high installation costs.

Power Quality Improvement Techniques

  1. Power System Studies
  2. Power Conditioning Devices
  3. Power Quality Monitoring

Does your facility really needs a high level Power Quality Study?

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