Importance of Power Systems Studies and How it can save maintenance costs!

importance of power system studies

Electrical power systems analysis is a very broad subject that covers various elements in electrical engineering. In order to analyze the operation of power systems for any fault current and Arc Flash incident, we do need a proper Power systems study which involves the following:

  1. Load Flow and Power Factor Study
  2. Short Circuit Study
  3. Motor Starting Study
  4. Transient Stability Study
  5. Snubber Circuit Study
  6. Harmonic Analysis
  7. Protective Device coordination study
  8. Arc Flash Hazard Analysis
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We just launched our Power Systems Engineering Vlog series and in this series, we are going to talk about all sorts of various power system engineering studies and commentary. We will overview the different blogs written by AllumiaX. It’s fun, it’s lively, it’s a video blog essentially and we hope that you’ll join us and benefit from it.

What is a Power Systems Study?

“A power systems study is made up of various engineering analysis investigations. The goal of each study is to have a safe, efficient and reliable power system for your facility under both normal and abnormal conditions.”

Important Goals of Power Systems Studies

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A power system comprises of the various subsystems that include generation, transmission, and distribution. The goals of power system analysis are discussed intensively here.

Why do you need a Power Systems Study for your Facility?

Power systems study is very important for the protection of power systems. In order for a reliable operation of the protective devices at the time of Short circuit, or any fault current, you may need a power systems study. But, no one does a complete suite of power systems studies at the same time.

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Benefits of Power Systems Study

As we already know that the reliable and safe power systems are critical for any successful operation. A well-designed power system ensures robust performance and maximizes plant availability under all operating conditions, including transient conditions like motor starting, non-linear loads and generator loss.

Several power system sub-studies are incorporated in a power distribution system, all of those are defined comprehensively here.

Software Programs for Power System Studies

There are various software programs available for performing Power system studies. Different companies use different software according to their budget, comfortability, usage and set criteria.

However, AllumiaX uses the latest edition of Etap to perform high quality power system studies including Arc flash studies in compliance with the latest standards of IEEE 1584–2018 and NFPA 70E.

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Hiring a professional electrical engineer to conduct an Arc Flash Analysis and Short Circuit Study is a great way to ensure the safety of your facility and workers against unwanted incidents.

AllumiaX, LLC is one of the leading providers of Power System Studies in the northwest. Our matchless services and expertise focus on providing adequate analysis on Arc Flash, Transient Stability, Load Flow, Snubber Circuit, Short Circuit, Coordination, Ground Grid, and Power Quality.

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Abdur Rehman is a professional electrical engineer with more than eight years of experience working with equipment from 208V to 115kV in both the Utility and Industrial & Commercial space. He has a particular focus on Power Systems Protection & Engineering Studies.

Abdur Rehman is the CEO and co-founder of and creator of GeneralPAC by AllumiaX. He has been actively involved in various roles in the IEEE Seattle Section, IEEE PES Seattle, IEEE Region 6, and IEEE MGA.

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