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Lockout/Tagout Procedures

  1. Notification: All the employees working nearby should be informed that maintenance work is scheduled and the equipment needs to be powered off and locked out.
  2. Identification: An authorized person may identify the type and magnitude of the energy which powers the machine.
  3. Shutting down: The equipment or machine will be shut down using its standard operating procedures such as switching off, pressing a button or closing a valve.
  4. De-activation: Energy isolating devices are de-activated to completely isolate the machine from its energy source.
  5. Locking out: The energy isolating devices are locked with their respective locking devices.
  6. Dissipation of Residual energy: Equipment such as capacitors, springs, elevated machine members, rotating flywheels, hydraulic systems contain stored or residual energy in them.
  7. Verification: The isolation of equipment is verified by trying to operate it using its normal operating procedure such as ON button.
  8. The machine or equipment has now been properly locked in compliance with OSHA standards.
Lockout / tagout procedure”, by NAVFAC , is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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