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PSE VLOG is the Power Systems Engineering Video Blog essentially, in which we are going to talk about all sorts of various power system engineering studies and commentary. We will overview the different blogs written by AllumiaX. We will be exploring different resources that will be available for you. It will feature one-on-one conversations with our Engineering Manager, Abdur Rehman. He will be your instructor throughout, providing interpretations on technical content and exchanging information in a way that will encourage an exchange of ideas and fruitful discussions. It’s fun, it’s lively, it’s a video blog essentially and we hope you’ll join us in this series and benefit from it.

Here you will get great insights on various topics on power systems engineering. Insights that are very easily consumable through a video series. And the interesting thing about this vlog is that it’s not a one-and-done type of deal. It’s not an educational resource or training material that’s defined into a small box. It is a video series that gets added on. Something new gets added on a weekly or a monthly basis so you subscribe to the vlog and it just keeps getting better and better with time.

About The Author

Abdur Rehman is a professional electrical engineer with more than eight years of experience working with equipment from 208V to 115kV in both the Utility and Industrial & Commercial space. He has a particular focus on Power Systems Protection & Engineering Studies.

Abdur Rehman is the CEO and co-founder of and creator of GeneralPAC by AllumiaX. He has been actively involved in various roles in the IEEE Seattle Section, IEEE PES Seattle, IEEE Region 6, and IEEE MGA.



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