OSHA Safety Measures To Protect Workers


​ The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is an agency of the United States, Under the Department of Labor and was created by congress in 1971. OSHA is responsible for protection of workers including their health, safety at work, and managing heathy environment. In 1971, after the deaths of 1400+ workers and 2.5 million employees with disabilities each year, OSH Act is enforced to provide secure and healthy working environment by the enforcement of laws and standards and by the provision of training, education and support.

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OSHA’s mission is to avoid and prevent recognized hazards that are causing injuries, diseases and deaths associated with working environment. OSHA also aims to give opportunity to employers, labor union, trade and professional groups, government agencies, medical and educational organizations to work with OSHA to avoid recognized hazards.

Bulb light vision
Bulb light vision


Conducting regular meetings is a basic and strongly encouraged requirement to discuss health and security issues related to work place but is not necessary for small businesses. Employer must also ensure that their employees have expertise to take reasonable care and can handle relevant circumstances. Employers must do workplace inspection for finding possible risks and reduce the risk, informing all the staff and offer safety training according to standard rules, ensuring that their employees have expertise to take reasonable care and can handle relevant circumstances, keeping records of workplace injuries and health records.


In workplaces, most of these injuries include slips, trips and falls, and muscle strains, hit by falling objects, repetitive strain injury, crashes and collisions, cuts and lacerations, Inhaling toxic fumes, Exposure to loud noise, walking into objects, fights at work, being caught In or struck by moving machinery, transportation and vehicle-related accidents, explosions, overexertion and repetitive stress injuries. When there are unsafe working conditions in any working environment than there is a higher chance hazards and the risks. These risks include strategic risk, compliance risk, operational risk, financial risk, and reputational risk.

OSHA safety measures to protect workers:


OSHA requires all companies subject to its workplace standards to abide by a variety of occupational regulations which are discussed in detail here.

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