Types of OSHA Violations

​OSHA is responsible for protection of workers including their health, safety at work, and managing healthy environment. OSHA has set standards for major safety concerns, and employers and employee must comply with the rules and regulations so everyone can go home safely. To complete the mission of safety of workers, OSH Act is enforced to secure and provide healthy working environment by the enforcement of laws and standards.

​Violation of these laws and standards can put staff’s lives on the line. So, today we will have a look on these violations to safeguard workplaces by providing standard healthy and safe working environment. OSHA classify these violations into six categories and each category have recommended a mandatory penalty.

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Types of OSHA Violations: ​

Let’s have a look into these six categories and understand the basics, so it will help employer and employees later.


Any violation which will put the life-on-line of committer himself or others at workplace with his determined intention.

willfull violation fine
willfull violation fine

Other-Than-Serious Violations:​

A situation in which the most serious injury cannot reasonably be predicted.

Repeated Violations:

Normally, a violation is considered as repeated if the violation is same but there are some other cases.

Failure to Abate Prior Violation: ​

Failure to Abate Prior Violation is when a citation is given to an employee, he/she does not remedy the situation with in deadline.

De Minimis Violations:

The comparison of quantity, size and other standards to a designed standard provided by OSHA.

Serious Violations:

A definite chance of causing injury or death and failed to rectify it, is considered as a serious violation.

serious violation fine
serious violation fine

we have given you an overview of all the Types of OSHA Violations but if you are curious to know more and find out which violation is more serious than the rest (sometimes little information could result in misleading)or simply you want to know the penalties of each type or which type have no penalty at all then we think you should consider visiting OSHA VIOLATIONS to get a detailed description on each type.

We are covering all topics of OSHA one by one with best of our knowledge of our “AllumiaX engineering staff”. Till yet we have also covered OSHA Safety Measures To Protect Workers, and our OSHA Standards topic is also almost completed and will be published soon.

Let us know if you have any queries regarding this topic and do provide us with your feedback in the comments.

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