(Selection Guide) — How to Select the Right Fuse for Power Systems Protection

selection of right fuse for power system protection

In order to select the right fuse for a given system, it is imperative that the various fuse parameters are thoroughly understood. Hence, this guide will first define each contributing factor and then explain how it is used by engineers and circuit designers to choose the best device for circuit protection.

The following factors should be considered when selecting a fuse for a given system:

  1. Normal operating current
  2. Operating Voltage
  3. Ambient Temperature
  4. Inrush Currents
  5. Maximum Fault Current
  6. Length of time in which the fuse must open
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Maximum allowable I²t

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About The Author

Abdur Rehman is a professional electrical engineer with more than eight years of experience working with equipment from 208V to 115kV in both the Utility and Industrial & Commercial space. He has a particular focus on Power Systems Protection & Engineering Studies.

Abdur Rehman is the CEO and co-founder of allumiax.com and creator of GeneralPAC by AllumiaX. He has been actively involved in various roles in the IEEE Seattle Section, IEEE PES Seattle, IEEE Region 6, and IEEE MGA.



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