Significance of Snubber Circuit Analysis

Snubber Circuit Analysis

Snubber Circuit

  • Insulation damages in the system.
  • An immediate interruption of the circuit breaker on a transmission line.
  • A lightning strike.
  • A sudden change in the loading of the system.
  • Flashovers (Arc Flash).
  • Transformer Failures.
  • Immediate tripping of machinery.

Switching Waveforms for Snubber Circuit Design

Snubber Circuit Design

Capacitors & Resistor selection

  • The stored energy in the snubber capacitor is to be greater than the energy in the inductance of the circuit.
  • The time constant of the snubber circuit is 10% of the on time expected i.e. small as compared to the shortest on time.
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Quantizing the Transient

Frequency Response (Downstream of the Faulty Area)

Snubber Circuit Parameters

Necessity of Using the Snubber Circuit Analysis

  • Reduce the voltages in on/off state of the equipment.
  • Keeping the rate of change of current & voltage to an optimum value in the transients.
  • To nullify the surges in a power system.
  • Protection of sensitive equipment to perform in the long run.

Expected Outcomes of the Snubber Circuit Analysis

  • Resonance possibility to be reduced between the downstream system and transients.
  • The surges and transients to be tackled to a safe level prior reaching the downstream equipment.
  • Less maintenance to be required for the equipment i.e. prolonged life.
  • Overall performance % reliability of the system to improve.

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