The Importance of Equipment Maintenance Plan for Electrical Power Systems

electrical equipment maintenance plan

Have you ever wondered about the importance of equipment maintenance plan and why is it necessary in Electrical power systems?

A maintenance plan covers a facility’s routine maintenance, as well as the long term care of certain equipment or power systems inside of a facility.

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According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association);

Electrical equipment maintenance plan (EMP) is the practice of conducting routine inspections, tests, and the servicing of electrical equipment so that impending troubles can be detected and reduced or eliminated.


Electrical equipment malfunctions and failures are responsible for million dollar losses to facilities, industries and businesses worldwide. As an equipment starts to display signs of electrical aging, it should act as a trigger for the employer or owner to carry out preventive maintenance to avoid catastrophic failure.

The NFPA 70B provides general guidelines for the implementation of a useful maintenance plan by breaking it down into six major categories.


All kinds of electrical equipment eventually begin to portray symptoms from aging. An effective maintenance plan can reduce the downtime of the facility by scheduling proper outages coinciding with routine maintenance activities. For the safety of the equipment as well as the personnel on site, OSHA recommends regular preventive maintenance for the equipment being operated under hazardous conditions.


Electrical power systems studies are an integral part of an effective equipment maintenance program. They provide valuable information for the reliability assessment of the system. According to the NFPA 70B, they are divided into 5 separate categories.


An effective electrical equipment maintenance plan (EMP) should be in compliance with the latest industrial standards and guidelines which include but are not limited to the standards discussed here.


Once the priority list has been finalized, the next step involves the surveying of the high priority items for identification of potential causes of concern.

All kinds of electrical equipment are required to be carefully inspected and decisions to be taken thereby. Physical condition, loading, operation within limits and the environmental conditions are some of the parameters which need to be analyzed during the survey process.


The final step involves the implementation of corrective measures through scheduled maintenance activities and procedures. For each system operating under normal conditions, each discrete component as well as the connections between those components are required to have dedicated sets of procedures.

Effective and timely implementation of the maintenance procedures marks the culmination of the equipment maintenance plan.

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