We are excited to share with you the launch of PSE Vlog series. In this blog we will be going over all the things that we covered in our brand-new series. We will briefly discuss the introduction of this vlog, about the instructor, benefits that you might get, from where you will find it, limited time offer and making sure that you are ready to go.

What is PSE VLOG?

PSE VLOG is the Power Systems Engineering Video Blog essentially, in which we are going to talk about all sorts of various power system engineering studies and commentary. We will overview the different blogs…

On May 5, we will be releasing our new Power Systems Engineering VLOG series. In this series, our Engineering Manager, Abdur Rehman, will be explaining different concepts dealt with in power system studies. He will be sharing his expertise and perspective, honed by years of experience within the field to help you understand and truly grasp the different aspects within power system studies.

Motors are the fundamental loads in an electrical power system, both at commercial and industrial level. Some applications of motors include fans, vehicles, power tools, turbines, blowers, ships and compressors. Along with the ease, there are issues that are needed to be addressed to ensure the reliable operation of a power system. The following problems occur when a motor starts:

We will be discussing the problems that arise with motor starting and complications associated with them. …

Check our resources page where you will learn how to prepare an Arc Flash Analysis data collection using our spreadsheet. Use our electrical calculators to help you get the right values. You will also find electrical blogs with different categories and FAQs related to short circuit and arc flash studies.

AllumiaX Resource Page http://bit.ly/ALXResources helps you to get started.

Allumiax Resources
Allumiax Resources

electric substations, how do they work?
electric substations, how do they work?

The challenges associated with construction, operation, and maintenance of the power grid are often complicated. Many of those challenges are overcome at the facility end which, at first glance, often look like a chaotic and dangerous mess of wires and equipment, but actually serves a number of essential roles in electrical grid, is the SUBSTATION.

Electrical substations have an utmost importance in electric distribution facility, converts AC voltages from one level to another level or change nature of supply voltage i.e., from AC to DC or vice versa. The general layout of a substation consists of conductors that run along…

Snubber Circuit Analysis
Snubber Circuit Analysis

Many of the circuit components may fail due to the over voltage, overheating, over current or unnecessary change in voltage & current. For the over-current situations, the components can be protected by using fuses at specific positions. Similarly, for overheating, heat sinks, and fans are used to push the excess heat away from the unwanted area. Although switching the load on and off is a common practice in the large-scale power distribution facilities however in some situations, the switching off/on may result in generating a transient condition leading to disturbance in the system’s stability.

For more information on Transients, refer…

Working in an environment that is safe and healthy is not a privilege but a right of every worker regardless of industry. To ensure this, there are multiple agencies, authorities, and governing bodies throughout the world that enforce worker health and safety laws and regulations. One such organization which we are going to talk about today is OSHA.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is an agency of the United States, Under the Department of Labor, and was created by Congress in 1971. OSHA’s job is to protect workers and their health at work. …

Connect with Abdur Rehman, content creator and co-founder of GeneralPAC by AllumiaX. On this New Year he will introduce himself and talk about the journey of GeneralPAC by AllumiaX and much more.


Watch Now: https://youtu.be/wqcOxYB2INM

HVDC Transmission
HVDC Transmission

High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) power systems use direct current for transmission of power over long distances. HVDC transmission is preferred over HVAC as the HVDC system is cheaper and reduces the power loss by a significant amount. Superhighway or Power Superhighway is the electrical name that is often used for HVDC.

In AC Transmission, direction of voltage and current changes continuously which causes overheating in the lines, thus resulting in significant power loss. Unlike AC transmission, current and voltage flow in one direction only in DC Transmission. …

Join us to understand the basics of AC Machines including three-phase AC Motors and Generators.

Our promise is to make the fundamental series available to everyone who cannot afford it. This promise is fueled by our community, our fans, and our sponsors. Power Transformer Fundamentals course will teach you all the fundamentals of Power Transformer. We will start from very basics: introducing transformer winding connections Delta Wye and Wye Wye, how voltage and current quantities are related by phasor diagram, and methods to represent each transformer connections. In addition, you will build a strong concept on circulating currents and voltages. This module consists of three parts, each building upon your knowledge based on previous ones.

FREE Signup here to get Power Transformer Fundamentals full course: https://gpac.link/3dLws4M

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